DELF language exams

The DELF, a necessity?

To integrate into society and connect with other people, it is critical to take French lessons. For what is DELF? What are the advantages of this diploma? Why can my integration effort be beneficial with this examination? More information on a Diplôme d'études en français is available in these subsequent sentences. Forward!


The DELF has now practically become a necessity for non-French speakers. In addition to certifying your language skills in many institutions: schools, universities, administrative services and others, you may also be recognized. The DELF is indeed an opening for autonomy. It will give you access to French universities without having to first pass the language tests; it will allow you to enrich your Curriculum Vitae. This diploma is an important benefit for an employer in the recruitment of a job. In addition, it even allows some people to progress to a current job by completing these tests. In the case of immigration proceedings, obtaining such a certificate is a big plus.


Please feel free to contact the French Academy to answer all your questions as soon as possible, if you are interested in the certificate and wish to take French courses.

DELF language exams

You will get the opportunity to validate your skills through examinations by the French Ministry of National Education at the end of the language workshops provided by qualified teachers at the French Academy. What are the DELF exams? How to pass these tests?

DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française) is a diploma that certifies you’re comfortable with the French language. This certificate is recognized internationally. As you know, the Common European Reference Framework for Languages (CEFR) establishes several levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. According to these levels, our services are available. Therefore, if you follow the A1 workshop, all the keys to passing the DELF-A1 examination are in your hands.

You will be evaluated in 4 parts in these examinations: listening and speaking, comprehension and writing. Every skill is adapted to your level. Indeed, while the oral production of the A1 examination is based on an interview and various exchanges with the assessor, for the same test at level B2, it will be a question of arguing for 20 minutes in relation to a document that will have been distributed before. This therefore, requires the language studied to be very simple. Of course, you are prepared to conduct this sort of training throughout the year by taking French lessons at the French Académie.

The test is considered successful if you obtain a total of 50% of the points. Each game is evaluated on 25 points. For example, if you lack one of the four skills, you can do it pretty efficiently in the other three parts. Beware of the exclusion rating of 5/25.

You can certainly open several doors to this French diploma. In the professional integration of non-French speakers, it even becomes a requirement. Read our article for more information: “The DELF, a necessity?.”