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Do you struggle to establish in France?

Learning French is the best solution for that. Learning French is essential if you want to live, work, or study in France.

Therefore, we offer French courses for adults aimed at getting you fluent in the French language with understanding the essential points needed to manage daily life in France.

Our French courses are well organized and conducted by language professionals. So, you can experience the best and the most creative French language courses and learn French freely and passionately.

The French language serves as a bridge to a successful life in France. So, get moving! Check our course descriptions, pick the course that works best, and get on the train to begin your journey to a successful life in France.

French language workshops

Do you wish to be efficient in learning French? Would you like to be recognized in your practice of the French language? Do you need a linguistic aptitude certificate (DELF)? Join the French Academy workshops to enhance and integrate your language skills simply into society.


We organize our workshops in sub-groups: A1, A2, B1 workshop. These groups were organized in accordance with the CEFR levels (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Levels A1 and A2 are the basic levels, while B1 will make you more and more independent of French. You can join the group that best suits you by testing your talents.


You will develop simple oral and writing abilities in French during our DELF-A1 workshops. The aim is to allow any exchange to take place. In this way, you will learn how to present yourself to someone or how to ask someone about their identification. You can also talk or express your wishes on past occurrences. This first level will allow you to understand the basic expressions of the French language and to interact in very simple everyday situations provided that the interlocutor speaks slowly.


On the other hand, a light knowledge of French is required in the workshops of DELF-A2. Qualified teachers at the French Académie will help you improve your language practice. The goal of this level is that you can interact with your interlocutors more effectively. You learn to present your family, your work and your environment during our course. You can also convey your tastes and projects. Your learning in French will allow you to situate yourself in time and therefore meet your concrete and immediate needs.


The courses presented at our DELF-B1 workshops require advanced French knowledge. You will be able to understand the fundamentals of a discussion by following these lessons and to speak simply and clearly about various topics, such as family and hobbies, your ambitions and your hopes. The lessons will also allow you to recount events with precision, to explain your projects, your experiences, your dreams. This level will therefore allow you to express yourself in most situations encountered relatively easily.


At the end of each level, an exam will validate your knowledge status. To find out more, read our article “DELF language exams”.



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